Our Promise

Home Grown

Where you come from says something important about who you are.

Something special happens on family farms: You grow up with no clear line between work and home. That’s the way it was when Clara Blake started the farm here in 1929, and that’s the way it is today with our daughters, Blake and Lucy.

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The Lost Art of Gathering

We believe the most cherished moments happen when friends and family get together.

There are the big days, of course: Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, reunions. But we also recognize the need for daily bread, the importance of celebrating the random Tuesdays, the unexpected guests, the precious time with kids squeezed between activities and homework.

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Times Have Changed, but the Recipes Haven’t

The secret to Blake’s has to do with the particular way we approach food — and to what’s inside a certain little blue box.

It has become one of the Blake family heirlooms: a scuffed and faded blue plastic recipe box with a hinged lid.

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Time Well Spent

The Story of Blake & Lucy's Lunchbox

How two young girls chose to spend their summer vacation — THEY TOOK their lemonade stand and made it something bigger.

It might have been inevitable that two entrepreneurial kids growing up spending time around Blake’s All Natural Foods would be intrigued by the notion of better-for-you food.

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Our Humble Story

The old farmhouse — lived in until a dozen years ago — now serves as Blake’s “corporate” offices.

It’s just one reminder of the enduring legacy of Clara Blake, her son, Roy, and the values they brought to their work. It must have been tough for a 25-acre farm in Concord, New Hampshire, to make a go of it during those lean years following the farm’s first season in 1929.

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