The Story of Blake & Lucy’s Lunchbox

Time Well Spent

The Story of Blake & Lucy’s Lunchbox

How two young girls chose to spend their summer vacation — THEY TOOK their lemonade stand and made it something bigger.

It might have been inevitable that two entrepreneurial kids growing up spending time around Blake’s All Natural Foods would be intrigued by the notion of better-for-you food. Blake and Lucy Licata wondered if there might be something more they could do with their summertime lemonade stand. They talked with their mom and dad, Amy and Chris, and together they hatched a plan.

Amy spent time with the girls thinking through menu ideas and exploring relationships they might have with other New Hampshire food producers. Together they came up with a name and a plan.

The nine-year-old girls brought their idea and a business plan to the selectmen in the town offices in Newbury, New Hampshire, and walked out with a permit to open a lunch stand by the lake that would offer healthy and locally sourced lunches to vacationers coming to Lake Sunapee. Along with their lemonade, the girls planned to offer kettle corn and chocolate chip cookies made by New Hampshire companies, baby carrots from a local farm, and sandwiches made with Blake’s chicken salad.

Blake and Lucy’s Lunchbox opened in June, and the girls officially became the fifth generation to be involved with the family food business. While other kids their age played at the beach and went to camps that summer, Blake and Lucy spent a lot of time making and selling lunches, getting to know folks around Lake Sunapee — and thinking about what else they could do. By the end of the summer, they’d made another plan. After the lunchbox closed for the season, the girls donated half of the proceeds they’d made to the Molly Fund, in honor of family friends who had lost their six-year-old daughter, Molly, to cancer. They said it was the best thing they did all summer.